Total BFFs: Pony Lets Dog Ride Its Back

Monza the Golden Retriever and Kasper the pony are total BFFs. The pair lives together on a farm in Denmark. They met six years ago when Monza was just a puppy and they instantly clicked. Kasper is a 14-year-old Shetland pony and although horses normally don’t like being chased around by dogs, Kasper proves to be an exception. For example, another pony kept by the farm’s owners, named Flicka, doesn’t like playing with Monza and never lets her jump on her. Kasper, on the other hand, enjoys Monza’s company and never kicks her for jumping on his back.┬áThe animals’ owners say that if Monza doesn’t come to play with Kasper, the pony gets disappointed.

Although it took Monza a while to learn to ride Kasper’s back, their owners claim they’ve never trained the dog to do that. Playfulness comes naturally!

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